Kerala – One of the best destinations in India

Kerala is blessed with a distinctive collection of natural features that have made it one of Asia’s most sought-after tourist destinations. The Arabian Sea borders it in the west, the towering Western Ghats in the east, and 44 interconnecting rivers network it. Once you cross over to the other side, you will find a long coastline with calm beaches, tranquil stretches of emerald backwaters, verdant hill stations, and unusual animals, to name just a few wonders. Additionally, it just takes two hours to travel between each of these gorgeous locations, which is a unique benefit that no other area on earth can provide.

Kerala takes pride in being the model for how a culture can honour its past while still moving forward with development & advancement. The residents of the state are highly proud of a number of achievements, including 100 percent literacy, first-rate healthcare facilities, the lowest infant mortality and highest life expectancy rates in all of India.

Seasons in Kerala

Kerala is a tropical area where one may unwind and feel at rest because it has a lovely and agreeable climate all year round. The two seasons that are most pronounced here are the monsoon (June-September and October-November) and summer (February-May), whereas winter only sees a modest decrease in temperature from the typical range of 28-32°C. Our visitors inevitably fall in love with the area’s generally nice climate.


Kerala is geographically divided into three areas: the Highlands, which descend from the Western Ghats onto the Midlands of undulating hills and valleys into an uninterrupted 580 km long coastline with many beautiful backwaters connected by canals and rivers; the Lowlands; and the Lowlands and Lowlands. While other areas are covered in tea and coffee plantations or different types of farming, the wild lands are covered in dense forests. Most of the state is covered in lush vegetation, which makes any time quite relaxing.


The history of Kerala is inextricably entwined with its business, which until recently was centered on the trade in spices. Ancient Kerala, known as the Spice Coast of India, welcomed traders and travellers from many different cultures, including the Greeks, Romans, Arabs, Chinese, Portuguese, Dutch, French, and British. Nearly all of them have left their marks on our place in some fashion, and that has helped us shape and develop our own unique way of engaging with the rest of the world.

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