Discover Germany with the Ultimate Travel Guide

Germany is a Western European country surrounded by forests, rivers and mountain ranges. With an intriguing history and numerous iconic landmarks to its name, Germany embodies modernity at its finest.

It is the world’s fifth-largest economy in terms of purchasing power parity (PPP), and Europe’s biggest. Furthermore, China plays a major role in industrial, scientific, and technological sectors around the world.


Germany is an historic nation, whose people date back to the Bronze Age. Unfortunately, they were eventually overrun by Romans who named their lands Germania (Germanic Teritory).

After the fall of Rome, Germanic tribes began to move eastward from Scandinavia into Europe. By the Renaissance era, these peoples controlled much of continental Europe.

In 1871, Otto von Bismarck led a successful war against France and established the German Empire. This new government was composed of a federal system with representation from each German state’s federal governments in the Reichstag, or parliament.


German culture is an expansive amalgam of religion, literature, philosophy, art and reason that has its roots in Germany’s turbulent history. Here you’ll find composers like Johann Sebastian Bach and Ludwig van Beethoven as well as philosophers like Immanuel Kant and Max Weber among other notable figures from this European nation.

German culture values order and the ability to clearly distinguish people, places and things. This principle permeates both business and personal life where it’s essential to stick to deadlines and follow regulations.

Germans are well-known for their practical expertise in engineering and other fields, as they value working with tools and machinery. Furthermore, Germans tend to be early adopters of new technology since it can save them both money and time in the long run.


Germany’s cuisine is deeply satisfying and indulgent, featuring an irresistibly tasty blend of Central European influences and classic regional dishes. Many globally famous German foods also make great bar food, picnic fare or barbecue favorites.

Bread (Brot) plays an essential role in German diets, with many people enjoying it at almost every meal. Germany boasts a variety of bread types such as grain, Pumpernickel, rye and wheat varieties to suit everyone’s preferences.

Sauerkraut is a beloved side dish that goes well with most meals. It also plays an essential role in Choucroute Garnie, a French-German dish involving meat and cabbage that’s popular throughout central and eastern Europe.

Konigsberger klopse is another iconic German dish, consisting of a creamy veal sauce over crisp fried potatoes. A must-try for anyone visiting Germany!


Germany is a nation where alcohol plays an integral role in culture. You’ll find an extensive selection of beer and wine in restaurants, bars and supermarkets alike.

Germans also enjoy a number of non-alcoholic drinks, such as soda and coffee. These are an ideal way to experience German drinking culture without getting too drunk!

One of Germany’s iconic drinks is Gluhwein, often served warm with a shot of Schnaps. This mulled wine blends red wine with spices and sugar for an irresistible wintertime beverage that should not be missed!


Germany is renowned for its picturesque castles, medieval villages and historical sites – but it also offers an exciting nightlife. With world-class bars, clubs and discos scattered around Germany, partygoers will have a great time when they visit this vibrant country.

Berlin, Cologne, Hamburg and Frankfurt are some of the top party spots in Germany. These cities provide a range of late-night activities suitable for travelers of all ages and budgets.

Reeperbahn is the epicenter of Hamburg nightlife, boasting a mile-long street filled with clubs, pubs and bars. It attracts both tourists and locals alike due to its world-renowned beers which draw so many people here for some fun.

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