Explore Nevada Stunning Landscapes and Unique Experiences

Nevada, better known as “The Silver State”, is one of America’s premier tourist destinations. Home to the glamorous Las Vegas strip and numerous attractive resort towns, Nevada also boasts relaxed gambling laws, straightforward marriage and divorce procedures, and no income tax.

Black Rock City is also a hub for anti-establishment counterculture, as evidenced by Burning Man, an annual festival held there.

Origins of Nevada

Nevada’s history is marked by several significant events, such as the Mexican-American War, Mormon exodus, and California Gold Rush.

Native Americans such as the Shoshone, Paiute and Washoe inhabited Nevada long before Europeans arrived. They built dome-shaped homes called wikiups and subsisted on vegetables, roots and pine nuts for sustenance.

In the 18th century, missionaries traversed this region. By 1825 Hudson’s Bay Company trappers had explored northern and central regions, while Jedediah Smith led a party of American traders into Las Vegas Valley.


Nevada is governed by a bicameral legislature and governor. All legislators in both houses are elected for 12 years with term limits in effect.

The legislative body is a crucial governmental agency responsible for creating state budgets, which include revenues and expenditures. When revenues don’t cover necessary costs, legislators must find ways to raise taxes, cut services or borrow money.

Throughout the regular session of both houses of Congress, daily floor sessions and committee meetings take place where new legislation is debated and considered for possible passage as state laws. Furthermore, the Nevada Supreme Court hears and decides cases.


Nevada is one of the fastest-growing states in America. According to a recent State Policy Report, Nevada ranked first among states for employment growth, personal income growth and population growth.

Nevada boasts a diverse economy, with many industries focused on tourism and casinos. Additionally, it hosts an expansive service sector such as finance, insurance, real estate, cleaning establishments and hotels.

Nevada is home to a wide range of irrigated agriculture, such as cattle and sheep ranching, hay production and dairy farming. Additionally, the state grows alfalfa, barley, mint, onions, potatoes and wheat for local consumption. The agricultural industry plays an integral role in supporting the state’s economy while creating jobs and business opportunities.

Culture of Nevada

Nevada boasts an incredibly vibrant cultural landscape. You’re likely to hear Spanish, Italian, Tagalog, Chinese or other languages spoken in its major cities.

Nevada is a place that values self-reliance, as evidenced at events like Burning Man. This emphasis on radical self-expression and community can also be found within its art scene.

One of the state’s most remarkable art landmarks are a series of open-air galleries in stunning natural settings, such as Swiss Artist Ugo Rondinone’s Seven Magic Mountains and Goldwell Open Air Museum founded by Belgian artist Albert Szukalski. Additionally, there are scores of historic theaters featuring resident and internationally-acclaimed artists.


Nevada boasts a population of 2,890,845 individuals in its large metropolitan area of Las Vegas. Furthermore, this state experienced one of the fastest growth rates in American history – an average growth rate between 2010 and 2015 of 7.05%.

Its name translates to “snow-clad,” in reference to the snow-capped Sierra Nevada mountains on its western border with California. Native American tribes had lived in this region long before European arrival and gave it its distinctive flavor.

Location on the West Coast of America has had a profound effect on its history, culture and economy. In 1851, members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (also known as Mormons) established its first permanent settlement.

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